Saturday, 1 March 2008

EDM # 8 Draw a Piece of Jewellery

Or several! I didn't know whether to write the histories behind some of the items on the drawing round the edges, but I decided against it. What do you think? I posted it on flickr here and added comments instead. Drawn in coloured fineliners.

EDM # 159 Favourite Kitchen Tool

Also would fit for EDM # 147 Something Made of Wood. This is my favourite tool as I remember making flapjack as a kid, the best bit of course being to lick the spoon! Oats, sugar, butter and wooden taste still sticks in my mind.

Karma Chameleon

I got rather bored in a lecture and drew this on the inside of my pad with my fineliners! (I'd been watching David Attenborough's Life in Cold Blood the night before).


This is a creative outlet for me, somewhere I can put some of my artwork for myself and others to see. Please feel free to leave comments, I love to hear them!