Sunday, 21 October 2007

Outside My Eyes

First attempt at a self portrait. Just in pencil but I thought it worked out ok for a first try. I couldn't work out how to make it look like I was looking down (it was a pic of me drawing I worked from) so I look a bit like I have my eyes closed!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

My Bag - EMD #3

Today the girl serving me in a shop said "I like your bag", so in her honour I drew it.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Old Before their Time

This doodle was done for my Aunt. When I spoke to her she was moaning of aches and pains and generally feeling an old fogie. So I drew this to hopefully cheer her up!

Industrial Sunrise

This I drew from memory - its a view from my commute to uni on the bus. I'm not very happy with it, didn't scan well for a start (I need to work on this, have a nice scanner but pencil crayon drawings don't come out well) and didn't really capture what I wanted it to. The pilons are all wrong too! Ah well this is the whole point I guess, learning! I'll have another go sometime, perhaps in a different media.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Home Grown Tomatoes

These are tomatoes I grew and was dissappointed in that they didn't ripen so they got left in a pot. After a while they suddenly started ripening, I loved the combination of colours so had to draw them. I didn't like the way they scanned so I took a photo (unfortunately a bit grey).
This is drawn in water colour pencils, but I liked the way it ended up without water so left it at that.

Dr Duck

This is Dr Duck... I've been knitting hats for Innocent Smoothies Big Knit to raise money for Age Concern. So Duck is modelling one of the hats and a scarf I knitted for something else. We decided he looks like Dr Who. He'll probably end up with a background sooner or later.
Drawn in Derwent coloured pencils, which I've had for years and I love.

Friday, 12 October 2007

I was wondering where to start, if I should put some of my old work from before up, or start fresh and upload any new sketches or designs. I'm thinking for now any new ideas then when I get round to it upload a 'best of' kind of collection!


This is a creative outlet for me, somewhere I can put some of my artwork for myself and others to see. Please feel free to leave comments, I love to hear them!