Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Birthday Cat

Drawn in ink then coloured on the computer. Mainly from a photo of my Grandpa's (it's for his birthday) but with the cat added in. I was inspired to try and develop colouring on the computer from looking at Christina Jonsson's amazing work.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


This represents a memory of going star gazing with friends in Wales. We climbed up to a ruined castle and watched for shooting stars. We saw many and even part of the Milky Way. For this and other reasons it will stick in my memory as a wonderful adventure for a long time yet! (What the drawing doesn't show is the field of cows we had to walk back through in the dark... cows you can hear but not see, very spooky! That the the farmer with a searchlight who was 'just walking his dogs'....)


This is a creative outlet for me, somewhere I can put some of my artwork for myself and others to see. Please feel free to leave comments, I love to hear them!