Thursday, 18 October 2007

Old Before their Time

This doodle was done for my Aunt. When I spoke to her she was moaning of aches and pains and generally feeling an old fogie. So I drew this to hopefully cheer her up!


jtstone said...

Love your work, this should indeed cheer up your aunt.

TaraLin said...

So cute! I love your doodle and think it will put a smile on your Aunt's face. I know it did on mine :)

Serena said...

Lovely work, Becka....I'm sure your Aunt will love it ~ :)

Meinhild Selbach said...

Welcome to EDM!
Nice work
Greetings from France.

Lynn said...

That's so cute and clever! Well done.

beckasharpe said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, it's so encouraging! :o)

phthaloblu said...

That's great! Such fun! I hope your aunt was made to feel better. lol!


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