Saturday, 10 November 2007

EDM #1 Draw a Shoe

My walking shoe in coloured pencil. Best fitting shoe I've had in years! (Complete with Peak District mud) I sat down and drew this in a bit under an hour (it was supposed to be a quick one!) The material is textured and shiny so was quite hard to draw.


jtstone said...

Thank you for your comments on my Cat and Pumpkin. I love your shoe, colorful and pretty. You dressed up an ordinary shoe to be pretty, that is amazing in itself. I used Prismacolor Pencils on the cat and pumpkin. I have some sampler packs of other pencils and am trying them on other things.

Liz P said...

Hello Becka, and thank you for your nice comment on my colored pencil drawing. To answer your question, the pencils are Prismacolors, so, no, I wouldn't say they are special. However, using them on the Ampersand Pastel Board really does make them look like pastel!

I see that you are drawing with colored pencils as well. Nice shoe! I've always found shoes to be a tricky subject. You've caught this one, though!


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