Wednesday, 3 September 2008


This represents a memory of going star gazing with friends in Wales. We climbed up to a ruined castle and watched for shooting stars. We saw many and even part of the Milky Way. For this and other reasons it will stick in my memory as a wonderful adventure for a long time yet! (What the drawing doesn't show is the field of cows we had to walk back through in the dark... cows you can hear but not see, very spooky! That the the farmer with a searchlight who was 'just walking his dogs'....)


Shugar said...

Oh wow, I'm sure that must have been a great adventure. Sounds great and looks great as well from your painting! :)

Vickie said...

It's a soft and pretty memory.

Connie said...

Nice interpretation resulting in a very good image. Cows in the dark are spooky, you're right!

yoon see said...

I can quietly feel the accentuate softness, calmness within the sky.
Indeed, it's a sweet whimsical moment for me here.

How did you paint the stars?
The stars that speaks!

It would be perfect if you could attempt a poem to narrate your memories.

Well done.

beckasharpe said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments!

I did the stars using masking fluid, put on and left to dry before painting. When finished it rubs off to expose the white paper underneath.

I'm not very good at writing poems but I used to enjoy it at school, perhaps I should try again, thanks for the idea yoon see :)

yoon see said...

You are welcome, backasharpe.
Thanks for your sharing.
I have never tried this method yet but always read this idea from books.
Yaah..good ideas.
I learnt so much from your lovely blog.
How's your studies lately?

Miss jane said...


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