Sunday, 15 March 2009

a little bit of spring

I've been experimenting lately. I love corrugated recycled brown card. So I tried watercolouring on it. Very different techniques to traditional watercolouring, but I enjoyed it!

I needlefelted this little robin, with inspiration from Ola Smith and Middle of Nowhere.
And I made several postcards using hand made rubber stamps. Gennine has wonderful tutorial on her blog. The first is made from lots of stamps I'd made before, all together in a sort of colourscheme. The strawberries postcard was for my Mum, the stamp was originally used to make writing paper for her for Christmas.


yoon see said...

These are so beautiful!
Hope you are fine, love to see you branch out for more craft makings:)

Peter Breese said...

That little birdie is just magnificent!

Diane said...

that little robin is perfection!

Emma said...

I LOVE that robin! I also like the stamps.

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