Monday, 13 October 2008

Catch up

Unfinished drawings... This was for the IF theme of 'clutter'. Its not finished yet (only a small amount got coloured) but I do intend to at some point... The idea was the clutter inside my head. These are some of the thoughts at the time as I see them. (I was on a train travelling to Wales).

On the way back from Tywyn I stopped over at my friend Katy's in Aberystwyth. We had a great weekend with glorious sunshine and it felt like a proper holiday. A little reminder of some of the things we did. Things have been a little hectic lately so sorry for the lack of finished drawings!

1 comment:

yoon see said...

Hi Rainbow Magic,
Your sketches were great.
Keep up your good work eventhough they are not officially finish.
Sometimes, I also have the frustration that I have so much ideas but lacking the time to get it out.
I guess we are in the same boat, we need to give each other some cheers to catch up.
Take care. Looking forward to see more of your ggreat entries in IF.


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