Tuesday, 21 October 2008


My take on this week's Illustration Friday topic - Late.


INDIGENE said...

Lol! It's like a little mini series of lateness. Excellent!


yoon see said...

Hi Becka Sharpe,
I have been waiting for your IF post.You are not late at all. Welcome back.
I see that you have put in so much passion & hardwork in this mini series just like indigene said.
Truly beautiful and good composition. This makes a great storyboard for presentation!
Have a nice weekend ahead.
Workout some great planning:)

yoon see said...

Hi Becka Sharpe,
It's me again.
I am back to give you a gem. It's a very special friendship award.
I am sure you will love it!
Thanks and have a nice day:)

yoon see said...

Excuse me,
I have so much to say.
About the time machine, I would like to turn back the clock too:)

yoon see said...

Thanks for your kind words too beckasharpe.
I am looking forward for more of your future entries too.
Don't stress yourself but take balance life.
Have a great weekend too:)

I am sure you like to do the 7 things tag. It's fun, enjoy!

Connie said...

Enjoyed this little autobiography! Like your style. At least the run for the bus is good for you!

Miss jane said...


日月神教-向左使 said...



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