Saturday, 18 April 2009

Where did April go?

Time is flying by... I have 3 weeks to finish my Final Year Project and not that much longer til I finish uni. Very scary stuff considering how much work I have left to do, but the end is in sight. So you probably won't hear much from me but I'll try and post odds and ends when I can. This is the card I painted for my Mum on Mother's Day. I was really pleased with how it turned out considering I painted straight onto card stock. The leaf curls round the back too. I'm not sure why I added the splatters but they seem to work.
This was a birthday card for someone who enjoys wildlife photography and often goes to the zoo. My imagination ran a bit wild with what you could get photos of if you could sneak in after hours. I didn't have long to do it so the drawings aren't great, but I was pleased with the composition.


yoon see said...

It's a great one. Your mum will love them. I also love all these cards.
I know you are extremely busy preparing for your final exam. Thanks for passing by in midst of business. and also encouraging me through your lovely comments.

I have a question:
I am in the midst of a blog makeover, still finding the scrolled down window blogroll tutorial. If you have come across it, pls. let me know. So that, more blogger friends are directly connected this way including your blog.
I really treasure all my friends' blog.
Lat but not least, enjoy spring and stay cool while studying!

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